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Do you feel disappointed or hurt?

Have you lost someone or something important to you?


Are you or someone you know feeling sad, hopeless, exhausted, or angry?


Have you felt angry at God or wondered where is God in your pain or unjust suffering?

And... we all live in difficult times now with COVID challenges, 

social injustice, political turmoil, and a world full of uncertainty...


If any of the above resonates with you, consider joining our upcoming

Soul Care Online Retreat

Saturday, February 6th, 9am-4pm PST

Details & register for free at


Heart Healing Groups

Led by kind and compassionate trauma healing facilitators, the online Heart Healing Group is an interactive experience designed to help you understand loss, trauma, suffering and where God is in the midst of it all.  God is willing to hear our laments, knows what unjust suffering feels like, and is compassionate especially towards people who have been hurt.

Together, we will create a safe space to support your healing and explore:

  • What are wounds of the heart? How can wounds of our hearts be healed? 

  • How can I grieve in a way that brings healing?

  • If God loves us, why do we suffer?

  • What do I do with this pain? 

  • How can I forgive?

  • How can I become more resilient?

  • How can I help other people who have gone through tough situations?


What to expect in the Heart Healing Group:

  • The group meets for 6 x 2½hour sessions:  either for 6 weeks or as a 2-day weekend retreat (please inquire about dates).  We understand everyone is feeling overloaded and tired nowadays -- consider this a time of self-care and rest from the usual demands of life.

  • We highly recommend attending all 6 sessions, to get the most out of it, because we are all learning from each other and the discussions build upon the prior sessions.  

  • During these sessions, 

    • Facilitators will be teaching insights from the Bible and best practices from Mental Health, based on Trauma Healing Institute's proven model used in over 100 countries around the world.

    • Participants will have time to confidentially share in pairs, listen, and discuss with each other.  There is no pressure for anyone to share anything with the group, only what you are comfortable talking about. Sharing is voluntary and encouraged as part of the healing process.

    • Participants will have the opportunity to try creative expression activities as a way to process what they've gone through. 

  • This is not a therapy group; no one functions as a professional counselor.

  • Zoom will be used to meet online with your facilitators and fellow participants. The Zoom link will be emailed prior to the first meeting.

  • Group size is limited. If a group is full, please sign up on the waitlist below to be notified of future groups.

Outline of Mountains

What Participants Say



"I was reminded that all growth, grief, coping, and amounts of faith are practices to work on...


I liked being paired with someone to share… and share how grief makes us angry or doubt.

I like having the scriptures for lament."


"Writing a personal lament was powerful and just flowed from me.

I liked moving through the room and was amazed at the power of kinesthetic connections to our hearts and minds.

I liked sharing with the same person and I enjoyed the group discussions, it was life-giving to hear the highlights of others' experiences."



"My favorite part was the 1 on 1 sharing and deeper connection made with the other person. I liked learning from the group that we have experiences in common -- I am not alone in my struggles.  


I also like the Bible verses and learning about how God is always with us."


Dr.  S W

"My biggest takeaway is everyone has some trauma in their life -- and it impacts our relationships, our faith journey and our approach to life now. Our emotional health is just as important as our physical health.


I enjoyed the stories, guided self-exploration, personal journaling times, group processing, and resources. Please spread this! This is much needed for our world."


"Sharing in the small groups was the best.

I liked all of the expressive arts activities because I never do any of this.  It allowed me to tap into these avenues of expression that led to a different way of being, seeing, feeling about trauma and healing.  I really loved the timeline exercise!"


"I was reminded we aren’t alone in our pain. Sharing our unique situations facilitates both our journey and others' journey to renew hope.

Encouraging others during the journey is a blessing to others and to myself as well -- being a willing part of a group of people who are open to walking through the healing process and new ways to express feelings."

Dr. Nathan

"I appreciate the diversity of the group from across the world, cultural backgrounds, life and faith journey.

I also value the reflection time and awesome expressive arts activities  - they are powerful.


The biggest insight for me came from the visuals of the grief journey and false bridge, and the concept of forgiveness as a cyclic and ongoing process. These revelations were super practical to help me understand my past experiences, and I'm sure this will help me through the future too --  these really are life skills."

Dr. Susie

"I enjoyed learning about the healthy grieving process, participating in the movement activities, and reflecting on the ups and downs of my life – we all go through different stages.


My ‘aha’ moment was when I realized I enjoyed complaining to God about my pains, but I didn’t want to let go of them.  Learning how to give this ‘baggage’ to God is essential for a healthy future.

I highly recommend these sessions – you'll  learn valuable tools for life."

If you are interested in participating and exploring these topics:

  • We are planning upcoming online mini-workshops, weekend retreat, and weekly groups.  Details will be posted at

  • Please enter your email below to join the waitlist to be notified of upcoming events. 

  • Feel free to email us to let us know your scheduling preferences, such as which days of the week, time of day, and format you prefer (e.g. weekly group for 6 weeks vs. weekend intensive) 

If you are undecided or have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you soon. 

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